Canary mating season

Canary mating season :

In the name of God the Merciful
Peace be upon you and God\’s mercy and blessings.
Upon completion of the preparation of birds for mating comes the stage of mating and are easy on the whole and to ensure its success enumerate you some tips and important information .

When to start and when to end stage mating ?
Mate birds in the wild in the spring on the whole , but the birds that Nrbhe We usually are inside the house begins mating season early in the month as if the 11 or 12 (November or December) and if the birds out of the house in the mating season in February or March ( month 2 or 3) .
We will take the date of February 15 as a standard and say that the mating season starts on 15 February to end in July ( summer ) before the molting process slightly .
Note: The mating season varies from one place to another and from one country to another with the knowledge that the heat and eating (food ) and light and the presence of the male side of the female when I met these four factors we can do Baltazoaj . And that the numbers listed above are approximate .
– Nbde first choose the pairs event before the onset of the mating season and we put couples a month before the entry of the season until they are dating and damaged them in a cage double (40x30x30) and separate the male and female apart or barrier until we see that Alozoj ready for mating and we will lift the interval between them .

How is the knowledge that the pair ( male and female ) Ready?
Become the male sings strongly and without interruption throughout the day and is what is called Balheijan and the female answer it in response to her appeal as ready for mating and it is the female move the wings and then you build the nest , and at this particular time interval between them is disarming .
As a sign of the readiness of the female notes that they are Bntf feathers until the adoption of its nest . We further note and molt in the area of ​​the belly of the female and the plates are to be used by the female incubated eggs ( sheet when there is a female without a male used in the transfer of heat from the body of the bird eggs to the child ) .

When the barrier is removed and at any time ?
Is disarming barrier at sunset as they are disarming perch and leave the perch one and this in order to sleep the male side of the female in directly after sunset at night and the aim is to avoid squabbling, which is going to happen between them in the first period and this Bajabbarhma to sleep one next to the other in order to Istikdo the one in front of the other and are thus avoided the fray .
Before embarking on the process of mating sometimes preceded by a fight between a male and a female and go away until it returns to the fray calm again and the male feeding the female and is a sign of the desire for mating .

– Mating :
It seems the female concerned and nervous and fired between then and the other sounds ( Brrr ) and is an appeal to the male for mating and fly here and there , while the male is in a constant state of agitation and sings strongly in place and sometimes feeds the female Tarta other . And then the male mating dance and singing is to be strongly and light wings and tail and move his head right and north.After this process is directly Vtstqr female mating without movement on the perch and the male comes to jump over her back and nearly his tail and the tail is the process of pollination.
Note : roost plays an important role in the success of the vaccination process and it is in that roost be installed well and be the best wood for the installation is done properly . It also helps that the feathers around the vent in the proper guidance of the sperm .

Building the nest :
There are several types of nests in the market which made ​​of iron or plastic or clay or reed … As there is no comment from the outside and the inside of the comment . Is suspended nest in a high place of the cage .
After completing the mating process can put Alkhichh yarn or cotton wool or female so you can build a nest in a proper way it becomes a comfortable nest and keeps the heat.
Note : If not nest built in a good way it would involve him Fiqs delay or death for the chicks inside the eggs or exposure to cold air stream .
Endure the process of building a nest or two days or a week on the many male and female may help in its construction.

Egg-laying :
Upon termination of the female build the nest step up and sitting inside the nest and is a sign near the egg-laying .
Are laying eggs a week after mating at the most and bleaching the female in the early morning after the departure of the first Zia sun and do not lay eggs at night . The female laying eggs and one twisted afterlife , separated by a day if the female is in good condition or two .
After the female lays the first egg must be removed before the passage of 4 hours so as not to start the egg to grow (even does not consist in the heart and begin flapping ) and this for safekeeping in a warm place such as cotton seed or in the middle or quasi it. And eggs are laid fake eggs skim place so as not to abandon the nest female .
Can do without the fake eggs if the female does not abandon the nest and all the eggs should be removed and stored to complement the female of the situation and is recognized as the last rows of dark blue egg . And then the whole egg can be traced to the female in the process of incubation and it is better to be returned in the morning . , And this is hatching eggs after 13 or 14 days in the morning as well. And the interest of it until you take care of their mother in the morning light and tend their egg shells , which may lead to the injury of one of the chicks that will be the time very weak . And not without Takngahm familiar when Evqs in the dark .
The process of replacing the egg whites fake very important and with the knowledge that the canary in the wild do not hug the female egg only after placing the egg the third , but in the cage the female stock multiple eggs from the first egg set and if we left things so place it is impossible to live each Chicks Why ?
If we assume that the female lay 6 eggs The difference in time between the first egg and the last is 5 days and is long enough to grow Chicks first after Fiqs quickly before hatching egg recent and that when Tfqs be weak compared with the Chicks first : you can not request a meal because they are weak Vtamot returnedStarvation or suffocation . Not to forget that there are some female separating the egg and the other two are even laid down .
But if the egg was removed and returned will be hatching eggs in a single day and this is fed together and there is no death of the chicks .
Before Tiger incubation stage to offer some guidance on how to geode egg before the female returned so embraced .
You have to have a box or a semi that sparkle and Nmloha Bbdhuriq ( bright ) because it is non- oily seeds and put the eggs.
You can not grab the eggs by hand , but must use a plastic spoon to carry out the eggs and eggs because it can be very sensitive if broken hand grip can also convey diseases of the eggs or Jrthemat can kill her chicks inside the eggs .
The eggs are placed in the enclosure filled with luster on the tapered and are agitated and her heart every day and put it on the other side so as not to stick to the egg yolk egg wall .
If you own many pairs are allocating several cans numbered by each pair and only mixed eggs.
Alaanfad eggs can be incubated without a maximum of 8 to 10 days .

Nursery stage :
Between the date of mating and egg-laying date there are at most a week between the date of vaccination and the egg inside the ovary and the date and put it there 48 hours . The female grinding and rarely find Zkro help the female in the nursery and that when they leave the nest the female in order to eat or drink . And when the female\’s eggs, the male barricaded feeding them .
The process of incubation lasts from 13 to 15 days and this is according to the temperature of the nest and air temperature .

How to tell if the eggs fertilized or not?
Is a very useful and successful mating season for the convenience of the female.
Eggs are examined by exposure to a light beam to see Aldh fertilized from unfertilized . And this is sometimes by a dedicated device , but did not have a device that can bring the egg of light.
First, you must know when it might examine how the eggs and so on. Eggs are examined after 6 or 7 days of incubation and is enough time even takes chick inside the egg to grow and when this shed light on the egg package note black spot inside the blood vessels also note the problem and often have a dark color egg . Or non- fertilized eggs to be light color and no black spot inside and no blood vessels .
And the importance of this process lies in the non- fertilized eggs disarm and leave the fertilized eggs and the female will not get tired in the nursery and education . As he was all tomorrow unfertilized egg is removed and thus do not get tired in the female immunization unfertilized eggs .

Hatchling stage :
Chick originates movement inside the egg and a punctured airbag inside the egg that will allow him to breathe , and then what happens?
Glory of God Almighty consists chick \’s beak in the so-called (Diament) or diamond and triangle is be solid and strong beak helps Chick hole on the inside of the egg and quickly disappears immediately after hatching, the chick \’s beak to become mushy.
The female either disarm and throw eggs outside the nest and eat with either . Can also breeders intervention in the process of hatching and when the passage of the specified period of immunization and did not notice out chicks ( for hatching is 12 hours) can be breeders to open the egg and leaves the chick complete the task alone , and if you do not interfere with the breeder will die chick inside the egg asphyxiation because he could not open the egg .
When the chick emerges from the egg shape Mpelol be pending and dries its feathers shows where the flour in the form of white hair . The Chicks and extended her head to the sky and opened her mouth and emitted voice , asking for food from their parents .

Food during the mating stage :
At this stage, we must continue to give a mixture of seeds contain Khertan in abundance and the sparkle and underestimate grain black and also can provide mix eggs , as well as vitamins , fruits, and not the best to provide the herbs because they help in fouling the nest ( stool be smelly ) . It can also continue to provide Alklsom Thzira for the second time to lay eggs .

Some of the problems that might hinder the stage marriages :
May get a female inability to eject the eggs and this often gets with the new female what to do?
If it lasted more than 26 hours and is the time interval between the egg and place and the other , and must be quick to Nza a drop of olive oil on the vent and water, as well as the Heat put the female above the water vapor until it easier for the female egg output pending . And if we do not do so will lead inevitably to death .
In the case of the unwillingness of the female incubated eggs?
In this case we can to put the eggs when another female to play Pthoudenh (as it can be placed at the Female HOI that do not pollinate their eggs but they and Hallelujah or good ) and I advise everyone and teach myself not to launch a female hybrid in the wild because they are going to die inevitably and you\’re from will be held accountable them.
If you do not have a female that you can make or buy an incubator ( is a device dedicated to artificially incubated eggs ) and that will play the role of incubation of you , but you will manually feeding after hatching .
In the case of whether the female refused to feed the chicks ?
Educator must intervene and manually feed the chicks . ( Syringe put the dough breeding and feed the chicks one by one ) .
In the case of whether the male nervous and prevents the feeding of the female chicks ?
Must be separated from the male and female chicks and left you alone and nutrition should be rounded eating out of the nest in order to facilitate the task.

Summary :
Stage marriages begin in February 15 and ending on 15 July .
Spawning a week after mating .
Are laying eggs after 48 hours of vaccination within the ovary .
Incubation lasts 13 to 15 days .
Views lay eggs in a year is 2 to 3 times .Hatching duration : 12 hours.

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