How do you know the age of a bird cocktail ?

How do you know the age of a bird cocktail ?
Crown bird CocktailWe need sometimes to know the age of the bird , for several reasons , especially if you are raising the birds to trade it , you must know the age of the bird until it assesses the price when it was introduced for sale, as well as in order to be able to distinguish between the chick and the bird \’s and others.
But the bird cocktail of birds that are very difficult to find out her real age , but you can reach an age of approximation of these birds , and so do the experts and educators, they are just their findings to the age of approximation of a bird , but how to reach an approximate age of the bird that is what will we know now .
Here are some of the signs by which they can distinguish the approximate age of the bird :First: You know that old form of crownCrown feathers when the bird \’s long , because growth has completed and also where the curvature of the back , either the bird chick ( chick big ) Short Vtjd crown and confidentiality almost straight to the top and has a lot of cones ( cover that coats the new feathers )In this photo chick is either gray bird is a deep yellow colorBird chicks and adult birds
See from this picture that the bird has a crown of long and has a curvature of the back , either the Chick tapered crown to top .
Second: The cheeksWhen the bird \’s find the patch orange bright colors and the size is relatively large and the more progress jumper at the age the greater the size of this circle in his face even fill a large area of ​​the face, this is a sign bug that this bird has seemed to become an old man , either Chick Little is vice versa mean when the bird chicks small van this spot be small and pale in color , and the larger the bird has increased in size and became Zahia color and so on.You can see the mark of the picture above to proceed Valtaúr has a patch of orange color and large, clear , too, either gray chick They are small and have pale color , too.
Third, the size of the eyesWhen chicks will notice that the large size of the eyes for her head, and because of the incomplete skull bone growth , and the larger the smaller the size of their eyes for the head to complete its growth Vtjd bird \’s eye size smaller than the size of a small chick eye .
Fourth: the color of the beakWhen the chicks will find that the color of the beak light , and when the bird \’s you will notice that the color of its beak dark , and texture Nose bird of more roughness of texture Nose chick , VANVES chick fine , and be billed when small birds prominent outside feathers , as in adult birds Vixoh feathers from all sides therefore , we see smaller .
Fifth: feathersLittle bird has feathers pale , short and can be seen more at the tail area , unlike the bird \’s feathers and long harmonic , and through the bird\’s feathers and feathers along the bird can be approximated with previous age , you can be any more accurate in determining the age of the birdFresh tail is long, equal to the same length as the body of the bird to the age of one year , and then from the age of one year to five years, it becomes the length of the tail is equal to the length of his body once a quarter , either when it becomes Omar jumper more than five years , the size of the tail becomes larger than the size of his body is once and a half .Of course we have to put in our calculations that each bird is different from the other , either in general, the length of the bird to thirty centimeters , either , which is still chicks , the body length of no more than twenty-five centimeters .
VI : Bird\’s feetThere on the feet of birds scales , If these scales soft , it means that the bird\’s small in age, and the larger the bird , these scales will become more roughness , and more are rough when birds Agouza and elderly , as well as the nails bird Agouza find sprain distinctive for when small birds .
Seventh: The number of hours of sleepChick sleeps small bird of the cocktail hour of twelve to fourteen hours, and the greater the age of the bird , he slept more hours , and when it becomes a bird , the old cocktail hours sleep up to seventeen hours.Note: The age range of bird cocktail between 15-20 years.

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