How do you prepare a dwelling for hatching cocktail

How do you prepare a dwelling for hatching cocktailBird cocktail of beautiful birds so that if the person acquiring bird cocktail , it probably Satmah to complete the process of hatching this bird even breed with him, especially if he or she wants to breeding this bird trade , it is not necessary to follow the correct instructions until the process of hatching this bird smoothly and successfully .
First: to get to know the needs of the bird cage or in terms of housing, the nest and the rest of the toolsTo know at the outset the size of the cage is required , of course, this cage is dedicated to raising individual means only one pair , custom size for breeding pair Collection is 50 cm long and 45 cm wide and 60 cm rise , and if the size and area of ​​the cage bigger , it is in the interest of the bird.
But if you want a total of breeding birds at once that you are designing a room dedicated for this purpose or could be you have a room in advance , but you can modify some modifications to fit breeding bird cocktail .
Cage accessoriesNest:The nest is made ​​of wood and thickness of about 10 mm or slightly more , height 35 cm width 20 cm height 20 cm as well, and the door ( slot to enter the Bird \’s Nest ) with a diameter of 12 cm .Cage also needs to:– Stops the bird is very cohesive .– Watering hole large water bird cocktail to suit .– Eaters made ​​of plastic to be placed where the grain and be a great size too.– Put a bird cocktail some types of soft food , such as bread, eggs door so we will need to Akalten articles of pottery .– Msakh bones Sbaa .– Close the door of the cage until well not be able to open it and the birds from escaping through it.– You can put some games for the bird if you have a personal desire (you can read an article a bird games cocktail ) .
Now we come to how to buy a bird that we will Btfrichha :The first factor of the hatchery and get exquisite forms of birds and beautiful exclamation bird breeders , is to look for birds with good and original at the same time her health is good, and then if there is a little more care and diligence , any human being can hatching any kind , God willing .
What is the best age to buy a bird :Considered birds from the age of four to six months best bird to buy, because at this age to be easy to distinguish between good and weak birds .– When buying for the birds to avoid buying pairs sisters do not even occur when chicks problems in genes and birth defects reported its output .– Examine the body of the bird well , it must be the body of the bird fully feathered and no part of his body naked .– Be sure to choose a bird which is characterized by large size and avoid the birds weak infrastructure .– The bird\’s head is covered with feathers and a large crown and dense and non- brittle .– There are some birth defects that can be when the bird such as missing fingers or foot blades is inconsistent , or rickets in the foot , or have a very short beak , of course, you can see these defects as soon as the scan so as to prevent the bird well to buy these birds defects.– Beware be Nafsh bird feathers because this is a sign that he is weak .– The ends of the wings of the bird to be at the back of the bird , birds are vulnerable to the ends of the wings Mahdlh aspects of the bird down.– Examine the nails and make sure that it is intact, as well as fingers and make sure the number of fingers in the foot and the number of fingers on each foot , four fingers Mnhanian two forward and two backward .– Look at the area of ​​the vent at the bottom of the belly feathers , feathers must be in that area clean and dry, and if it is dirty or contaminated colored green or white , it means that the bird had diarrhea .
– Examine the area released the bird must be a full chest , and if you find the chest was empty skin over the bones of the rib cage directly without meat , avoid buying any birds find this trait to which it is a sign that the bird is weak.
Now has the procurement process and I think that in spite of the large number of instructions , but it\’s clear and easy to read and yet can any one to go to the market and buy a bird without fear .
After the purchase , we processed bird hatchery :Advised not to spawning only after the pair up to the age of 10 to 12 months , so that the bird is able to bear the burden of spawning and mature physically , also takes into account the breeder at this age in particular that puts the bird different types of foods until the body of the bird strong and take needs of different materials necessary for growth and being a strong and in good health .
How do we make links between the male and female so that they begin the process of spawning and egg production :At first we get the male and put him in a cage for the unit to be cage -free Alachoc for three days , and then enter the female with him in the cage , and then wait to pass three days to seven days and then we can attach the nest in the cage in this period you have to rely adoption of full the seed , and after the suspension of the nest increase our development and meals and snacks arugula eggs because they increase fertility .
How to start the mating process :After placing the nest and the female starts the bird tweeted and marriage offer directly , because he missed the period in which it was denied , but now the most ready to complete the process of marriage.Then begins the male tweeted tones rather long in the middle of it travels Baltsfir , often in the prefix it rejects female display but accepted later , and after a period of entering the male to the nest and making sounds pretty even caused the female and convinces her to enter the nest, and after the intervention of the female and get used to the nest out above , leaving the female in order to equip the nest until the process is complete spawning . If the income of the nest , this cocktail best sign that the hatchery has begun.
– Then bleaching female from four to six eggs eggs , and the female lying after the second egg is usually put , then stay dormant them 21 days from the beginning of the development of the first egg , and then begins the cage to receive new born . After this stage, the stage comes care of younger siblings and other Snfredha in another topic .

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