The most important problems facing breeders cocktail

The most important problems facing breeders cocktail
There are some problems that you may experience when you breed a bird cocktail , and the occurrence of these problems is very normal , they spoke with the breeder recent education also spoke with a professional expert who has sold in breeding these birds .Well the problems that you experience during the breeding bird cocktails are few and simple but at the same time you need to speed the disposal so as not to worsen the problem , it is wise to know some information about these problems before they are located , and the proverbial ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure .
First, lack of blending or matingYou have to know that the state refused to mating these rare when birds cocktail , but what we have to do that occurred and what are the reasons they occur , Well Maybe This situation can occur due to lack of suitable age male and female , but they sometimes occur for no apparent reason , what is the solution , if you see a male and female non- Mtwalvin you\’ll need to isolate the female in the cage last and keep the male alone in a cage , for 3 to 4 days , and then returned by the cage above, then follow you happen mating or not , the idea here is to make the male feel deprivation as well as female and then united in the same cage , but if not noticed that he was not mating , promising the ball again and took out the female of the cage above , but this time Mark duration of a week to ten days , and then are pursuing them you Ansjama with each other and Event blending or not , God willing, after the process of dimensional The second will happen blending and mating .
Second: not asleep on the female eggHappens sometimes to leave the female egg , and refuses to lay it , with that all the things the cage and the hatchery is well placed , but this just be the phenomenon of our eyes , this case will occur Bsbouapn key , firstly that there will be insects inside Bayada , such as Alvash example however, is that the female escapes from insects and leave the eggs , second , and often occurs with amateur because of Hvth to see the eggs, see the chicks so they examine egg in his hand once in a while and every time , Vtnfr female eggs and move away from it and the reason for this is that the bird cocktail of quiet birds loving and calm like privacy too, and hates that I set privacy touches and plays egg .
How do we solve this problemFirst, do not play in the eggs too much and Ttfhs every hour and do not move the cage from place to place constantly working on providing an atmosphere of comfort and stability for your birds , either scan the eggs are advised Btfhs only twice , once in the day put the egg the third , a fifth day of the beginning of egg laying , you can examine it to see if the eggs were fertilized Aldh first or not , and the second time was in the sixteenth day or seventeenth Vtfhs eggs but only given without the screen in order to see if the eggs were fertile or not.
Secondly, for the insects we all know where he found the cleanliness do not exist for insects , do the prevention of these insects and work to clean linens and washed with water , disinfectants, ventilation and exposed to sunlight . And when you want to put sawdust do put powder used as an insecticide on the floor of Bayada , then above the coarse sawdust
Third, plucking feathers ChicksIn the late stages of care Chicks sometimes be a male and female are willing to start racing the process of mating a new and still Chicks within Bayada beginning a Bntf blades Chicks from the crown area or custom in order to force the chicks to go out and start racing relying on themselves , you have in this case that the dimensions of Bayada put chicken in the same cage but not in the inside -Bayada , but if you see that the abuse continues and chicks are still in the middle stage of care , then get out Chicks of the cage and you have to play feeding them you manually Balsranjh even grow and become able to rely on themselves .
This the most important problems that occur during the breeding bird cocktail and as I told you , they spoke with an expert hobbyist However there is no problem in the state of occurrence or not you, the important thing is how to behave if taken place.

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