How do you get a bird cocktail white pillow

How do you get a bird cocktail white pillow
First and before entering into the details will make one thing clear for people new to this topic , which is what motivated me in order to look for cocktail White Gentlemen , I mean, what I need him , any color and any type all beautiful and all required ? Well you have the right to ask this question and I \’ll give now ! Learn why the production of bird cocktail white pillow is that it is this kind Nader , who is also at the same time expensive that you can check out which materially successful .
This species of bird called albino , and the way that I will always remember now is the fast and effective way , unlike the traditional method , which takes time and needs to be several stages to you in the normal way you will need to marry two generations of birds as well as the ratio be less than the way they remind .
Well we have to take into account that in order to hit a generation of chicks it would need a period of between 9 months to 12 months to become a bird ready has reached sexual maturity and physical , especially the female birds, in order to avoid the problems of the hatchery , and not bris any chicks or even birds large as a result of fatigue early birds before they are arriving at this stage , and ensures the production of a good bird .
This combination needs to be integrated with each other in Tafrtin bird one and two :It is the first mutation Allutino It is considered a sex-linked recessive and is working to remove melanin Vtkhva all dark colors .The second is a boom -and-white face her English name ( White Face ), which is the removal of Allbokrom and Alcetasan and thus hide all yellow or orange color of the body and cheeks .
The cocktail White gentlemen , it is characterized by that disappears when all colors except white color only .Inevitably there are some educators lazy somewhat Vtgda hasty nor patient and go to the market and is regardless sums of money to buy this kind of cocktail , perhaps his right to do so if he does not want to waste his time or has more money, and maybe you find pleasure in the follow-up and production of yourself either is not for every one in the world in their own way .
Now we will start applying the method :Here you will only need to mention the albino to Tzuge for Female Face White ( White Face ) .The first generation will result in you either male albino females , it would be all White Face Split for OtinoNow you can take albino females of the first generation and to her father married her to get chicks albino 100% .Or you can be married this female-to- male brothers or male to approach them to the same recipe another pair of brothers if they were not like that the married brothers .
In this case you\’ll get a percentage of the birds and the White Face , 50 % of male albino and will be the second half of the Split OtinoThe females will be a similar ratio of 50% which will be the second half and Albino White Face only .This is the way which is easy and much faster than the normal way .

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