Best food for birds Alecoqatal

<span title="احسن غذاء لطائر الكوكاتيل

\”>Best food for birds Alecoqatal
If you want the best food offer to the cocktail know that he seeds, because this bird is fond of them, a grainy him more than any other food, and this bird if belonging to a particular type of food, it is difficult to accustom him to another type, so you may find some difficulty when you began to try to <span title="باطعامه البذور، لكنه بعد ذلك سيتقبل الوجبات الجديدة ونوعية الطعام الجديدة ويبادر الى تجربتها وذلك لانه طائر فضولي ويحب ان يجرب الاشياء.

\”>Seeds feeding him, but after that will accept the new meals and quality of food and the new initiates to try it because it\’s a bird curious and likes to try stuff.
There are some seeds loved bird cocktail more than others and are grainy him strongly, such as sunflower seeds and seeds Albankim and hashish Canard or Filars, of course, do not become obsessed with seeds and become not give him any food is seeds, diversification is required, and as we have said before that the bird cocktail if it is a specific kind of food it is difficult to make moves to other quality of that diversity is required in this regard, and also you should be careful to diversify food and put him vegetables such as lettuce, parsley and alfalfa green in order to meet the needs of the bird to the presence of fresh vegetables within his meals <span title="الغذائية.

<span title="يمكنك ايضا ان تقدم للطائر حبوب الذرة الصفراء وذلك لانك ستجد فيها كميات جيدة من البروتينات المهمه والضرورية للمحافظة على صحة جسم طائر الكوكتيل، واحسن الطرق لتقديم البذور للطائر هي بان تقوم بخلطها بكميات محددة ومعلومه ومن ثم تقوم بوضعها للطائر كوجبات غذائية.

\”>You can also offer bird grain maize, so you\’ll find the good amounts of proteins important and necessary to maintain the health of the flying object cocktail, and the best way to provide seeds for the birds is that the blending in limited quantities and information and then you place the bird Kojbat food.
<span title="بالتاكيد انت ستلاحظ ان طائر الكوكتيل يفضل بعض انواع البذور على الانواع الاخرى لكن لا تقلق فانه سيقوم بتناول الانواع الغير مفضله بعد ان ينهي عملية الاجهاز على انواع البذور المضلة لديه اولا.

\”>Surely you will notice that the birds prefer certain types of cocktail seeds to other species, but do not worry, it will eat exotic species favorites after finishing the process of finishing off the kinds of seeds has a first misleading.
Note small advised by observing and knowledge, especially if you\’re new in breeding birds cocktail, if I brought the bird, a new try that does not put new food for the birds because it is possible that he will not taking it, or maybe cause change the type of food of surprise health problems for the bird\’s new, you will have to ask the seller <span title="عند شراء طير جديد وان تعرف منه نوعية الغذاء التي كان يتناولها الطائر قبل شراءه، وتقوم بوضع نفس نوعية الغذاء القديم له، وبعدها شيئا فشيئا يمكنك ان تقوم بتغيير نوع الغذاء له.

\”>When you buy a new bird and know the quality of the food that it was covered in bird before you buy it, and you place the same quality as the old food for him, and then little by little you can change the type of food to him.
There are blends, especially from seeds and grains provide a bird cocktail mystery of these mixtures is that they give the bird all the requirements of various food needed by the body in order to stay in good health and grow naturally and be the structure of a strong and practiced his life naturally and without assisted weakened because of health problems that are related to food and lack of nutrients in the meals, and you can find these mixes and recipes in abundance on the Internet is available and also can get the components of these mixtures easily, however I repeat to you that keen on diversification in food presented him with fruit and gave him vegetables and gave him the seed and gave him <span title="تلك الخلطات وبهذا تضمن صحة غذاء طائرك او طيورك.
\”>These mixtures and thus ensure the health of your birds or bird food.

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