Milky cocktail speech

Milky cocktail speech
Training Alecoqtellan this bird ( cocktail ) is very well known splendor and beauty of a bird smart and that you like to play a lot , and this bird can be a friend to man and consider him relaxes the heart and upbringing easy and wonderful , but how do I train this bird and how they told him about some things so that it becomes more intelligent .
Of course there is more than one kind of training a bird cocktail you can try trained to speak , for example, and this is what Sntlkm him in this article and you can also try to teach some of the movements and jumps all of this is available and Ataúr cocktail as we have a bird very clever and you will notice the speed of responsiveness to you and its interaction with you and love any new idea is actually a wonderful friend .
Well at first you should define the objective of the training , the word means a specific place you want the bird to pronounce them and try to be the word composed of four letters, such as easy pronunciation of the word ( Cookie ) . Or any word you want your bird to utter only select one word , no more , and perhaps ask now , could you told him more than one word ?The answer is of course you can, but you can not learn more than one word at a time, means to learn the first word and when it runs out of them and to teach him the words spoken by the other , and so on , and initially tried especially to begin with easy words .
You have to frequency word whenever approached the cage and the more developed Lhkh meal to eat even generated when the bird link between this word and the date and meals, and tried hard to ensure that the lack of sources disturbing , such as the radio or the sound of the TV even heard the bird floor well and without jamming not mingle it the floor , and can focus as you say you only .
You have to call frequency 3 to 4 times a day shall be held in each session duration quarter of an hour or more, but does not make them less than a quarter of an hour , and after the completion of the meeting gave him some food so that it connects the food reward on completion of the training .
Of course you\’ll find that some of the birds that can speak fluent quickly , unlike some of the birds that may need to be several months until the master speak , and this is due to several reasons including the age of the bird , age and ability of the coach and his platoon on his training .
The first attempt initiated by the bird in the way of learning to speak is to try to speak Balgmgmh , if I saw had begun Balgmgmh This is evidence that he has begun Evaal with you , do not get excited too much and trying to learn more than one word at a time, but he knew it word for word so as not distracted and be delayed education.
You can get better results if it stops the bird on your finger and made him a counter for your face , and then begin to restore the floor in front of him more than once even noticed the bird lip , and you may notice the interaction of the bird with you and that he is close to your mouth in order to hear better , and also a strong sign that the cocktail has begun to interact with your words that you find raises his crown to top This indicates the influence of an attempt to respond to you.

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