Dark-eyed Jumpo

In March of 1964, I was a two-year old kid sitting in a highchair at the window of my grandma Thompson\’s kitchen. It was a snowy morning on the farm and the feeders were mobbed with birds. This is the moment I called out my fist bird ID (according to Grandma Thompson). \”Junco!\” I said,تابع قراءة “Dark-eyed Jumpo”

Deer Season

Shotgun season for deer hunting started at dawn yesterday. Here in the boonies of southeastern Ohio that means woodlands dotted with blaze orange and a regular tattoo of gunshots throughout the day. Our part of the state swells in population with the addition of thousands of hunters coming down to Ohio\’s most deer-rich corner. Weتابع قراءة “Deer Season”

The Chow Line

Blue jay, dark-eyed junco, northern cardinal on a snowy afternoon. In winter, when we feed suet dough to our backyard birds, we often see a number of hungry individuals waiting for their turn to eat. I did not realize this fully until I started taking pictures of the suet dough visitors on our back deckتابع قراءة “The Chow Line”

Chowing Down

Yesterday was Thanksgiving—the only national American holiday where we all have license to stuff ourselves until we explode. I did. Did you? Interestingly the birds at the suet dough station were following suit. Especially the blue jays. Blue jays are creatures of boom and bust. When they find food in abundance, they load up asتابع قراءة “Chowing Down”

Happy Thanksgiving

Male wild turkey ready to do what male wild turkeys were born to do. In bright sunlight, an adult turkey\’s feathers show beautiful iridescence. I wonder if any of the Pilgrims or First Peoples at the original Thanksgiving took the time to consider what a cool bird the turkey is. Or did they simply addتابع قراءة “Happy Thanksgiving”

Birds I Am NOT Seeing

Of all the species of birds I am not seeing today on my snow-covered farm in southeastern Ohio, perhaps none has a more interesting hunting strategy than the Harris\’ hawk. Did you know that Harris\’ hawks hunt cooperatively in packs composed of family members? It\’s true. The hunting groups may number as many as aتابع قراءة “Birds I Am NOT Seeing”

GameCam Night Pix

I call this one: \”Devil Bunny, Tire Swing, Moon, and Pear Tree.\” I have been having fun with my two remote nature cameras. One is a Wingscapes BirdCam designed to take daytime images at feeders, nest boxes, bird baths, etc. The other is a MoultrieGameCam designed to take nighttime images of wildlife. Many hunters useتابع قراءة “GameCam Night Pix”

Moment of Zen

//www.youtube.com/get_player I recently watched this mist moving over a mountain lake in Tennessee. I was up and outside, shortly after dawn. It was crisply cold and there was no sound—not a call note from a bird, no rustling of leaves, no sound from the wind on the water. Such a peaceful moment was, I thought,تابع قراءة “Moment of Zen”

Unheavy Friday

Like you, I\’ve spent a lot of time in recent years wondering what ever happened to Omar Sharif. Well, you never know what you\’ll learn at a birding festival. At the recent Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival, I found out what happened to Omar. He\’s running for office in South Texas. His campaign staff needsتابع قراءة “Unheavy Friday”

Crows On Pie

One of the wintertime sports around the farm here at Indigo Hill is watching who and what comes to the meat pile. We throw old, freezer-burned steaks, over-the-hill chicken carcasses, and past-its-freshness-date hamburger in a big pile three-quarters of the way out our middle meadow path, along with anything else that might attract hungry wildlife,تابع قراءة “Crows On Pie”